Charlotte' 40th birthday

Charlotte's 40th birthday ~ Pialligo Estate (1 July 2017)

Hello to all of you at the Ottoman.  I trust (know) that you will all be having a lovely lunch - as you know it's our favourite restaurant in Canberra.

As this is read - Roz and I are on the Douro River in Portugal being feted by Scenic Tours - very tough to take.

To my and our beautiful daughter and sibling, Charlotte.  We wish you the bestest possible 40th birthday celebration with your family.

On the 30th of June 1977, Carmel presented us all with Charlotte Louise Grant at the then Canberra Hospital - which was subsequently imploded and relocated!!  Perhaps there is a message there!!

Charlotte was a beautiful baby, an energetic (to say the least) toddler, a beautiful child, and a daughter who has grown into a beautiful woman, partner and mother.  And when I say beautiful I also mean in terms of her nature and make-up as a person.  She is so kind, considerate and caring of others.  She is widely loved by friends and relations but more importantly by her siblings.

As your father Charlotte, I am so very proud of you and you know how much mum loved you too.  I know you confided in her often and you considered her advice at various time so valuable.  She was so very proud of you too.

Sorry Roz and I couldn't make the celebrations today but we are there in spirit and thinking of you on this special day - hard to imagine that it's forty years since you brought so much joy to so many.

Charlotte and all our family - have a wonderful celebration and stay safe.

Love to all, Dad and Roz.

PS: All of you (girls in particular) - pace yourselves!!

PPS: Make sure you have the zucchini balls.

PPPS: Thanks Chaz for changing the restaurant!