Pialligo Estate CANBERRA

It was a 'lovely' day - sorry Tim :-)

We actually came out of this wedding quite moved by the personal stories of this couple. The way you have both come through personal adversity to be better and stronger people is truly admirable and inspiring. The love and respect in the room for you both was very evident. 

From the moment we walked through your doors in the morning we felt so welcomed by your hospitality and kindness. And the kind words spoken by your friends and family throughout the day demonstrated that this is how you make everyone feel day in and day out.

You both truly deserved the beautiful day you had and we are grateful you allowed us to be a part of it.

Tim, we can't wait for the release of your bestselling book 'How to Get Out of Friend Zone'!

Ceremony & Reception ~ Pialligo Estate
Photographer ~ Willow & Co.

Music licenced through The Musicbed